Saturday, February 17, 2018

Donate Goods

During Peaceful Times
The NEMO HQ is located at Bisee and is available for discussion on donations.
You may contact the Inventories Officer at or tel: 758-452-3802 or fax: 758-453-2152

During Crisis Times
Once there is a call by the Government that donations are being accepted
  1. Check what is needed - there is usually a Needs List.  Don't assume that what you want to donate is actually needed. Be considerate, if you are donating clothes to victims they/we don't want items that you would not use yourself.  Your trash belongs in the bin. If is food - check the expiry date.
  2. Box your donations to maximum weight of 40lbs. Have consideration for the people who must carry your box.  You can pack as many boxes as you wish.
  3. Mark "NEMO" in large letters on your box(es)
  4. Take your donations to the nearest Post Office - there is no charge and so you can donate as much as you wish and you don't have to travel to Bisee to donate.
  5. The Post Office will bring the donation to NEMO.

Must Haves
There are some items no matter what happens, that victims can always use:
  1. Sanitary pads/tampons
  2. Soap powder/Detergent
  3. Teddy Bears
Apart from that -- wait for the Needs List.
Don't assume what is needed.
Believe it or not, clothes and water are not always needed.

That's it!

We thank you for your donation.

Documents for Download

Donations Waiver30.00 KBDownload
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